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Los Angeles Business Journal: Attorneys Hack Away at Cybersecurity Exposure

Michael Gold is featured in the April 12, 2015 Los Angeles Business Journal article “Attorneys Hack Away at Cybersecurity Exposure”, written by Cale Ottens and excerpted below.

“There are really a lot of superb lawyers in this area, but there are not thousands,” said Michael Gold, co-chair of the data privacy group at Century City’s Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell. “Some lawyers are really very knowledgeable about privacy laws; on the other hand, I have not seen a lot of lawyers in this space who really have a handle on the technology.”

“The first step to securing data, Gold said, is to identify the information stored, where it can be found and who has access to it. After that, companies ought to determine whether they truly need all of that data and purge any nonessential information.

At its core, he said, each data breach is the result of human behavior. That’s why a huge chunk of his work consists of developing updated policies with top-level executives that limit access employees have to confidential information.

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