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Detroit Free Press: Access to websites for people with disabilities: A new civil rights frontier

In the article, “Access to websites by people with disabilities: A new civil rights frontier,” writer Frank Witsil, states “Court decisions and new federal regulations expected this year could clear the way for better access by disabled users to the Internet under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Marty Orlick was interviewed and included in this article, which was published this week by the Detroit Free Press and other Gannett media. All the lawyers quoted in the article seem to agree that businesses should act now to make their websites fully accessible to the disabled, and not wait for new rules from U.S. Department of Justice (which will make prosecution and private lawsuits against companies all the easier). Not only is it the right thing to do, it is good business. Making your website accessible is no simple or inexpensive matter. Your IT department needs to be assisted by experienced consultants and experienced ADA counselors.

JMBM’s ADA Compliance and Defense lawyers advise businesses on all aspects of digital and electronic media accessibility, including the banks of the future, ATM machines, banking kiosks, reservation systems, and the like.

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