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September, 2011 Media Mentions

Family Office

Forbes Online: The Consigliere of Family Wealth

An interview with Tim Lappen titled "The Consigliere of Family Wealth," discussing his practice and career, was published in Forbes online edition. The Consigliere of Family Wealth Tim Lappen is a high-tech auto enthusiast is in the fast lane helping billionaires and ultra high-net worth individuals and families plan effectively and manage succession. From shirtsleeves […]

Daily Deal: Mechanics Bank

Bob Kaplan was quoted recently in the Daily Deal regarding a bankruptcy case involving Mechanics Bank.

Daily News of Los Angeles: Builders Seeking Speedier Process

Ben Reznik was quoted in Daily News of Los Angeles in the article titled "Builders Seeking Speedier Process," discussing proposed legislative changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), that would help move development projects forward more quickly.

Law360: Q&A

A Q&A with Jeff Goldman, focusing on his cases and career, was published in Law360.